Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I drew some Bwen fanarts :D I'm gonna use one of them as part of the Bwen website layout once I can use my tablet again :D Sorry for the low quality. I took them form the camera of a mobile phone. What do you guys think? Its been almost a year since I last drew Bwen n_n

Monday, May 30, 2011

Site updated

I updated the site.
It's still not finished, but I updated the ff:

-News page
  • added 2 AMVs at the AMV section
  • added some Ben x Gwen screenshots from Ben10:AF series
  •  added a guestbook and html comments box at the Fanart and Screenshots page

Friday, May 27, 2011

BWEN website moved to weebly + Forum news

Due to certain circumstances... (can't afford the premium service from webs.com,) I have decided to switch to weebly instead of webs or webstarts.

The Bwen Forum is up and Running ;D
The Bwenwebsite is still under construction.

the Bwen Pet:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Bwen Website

The Bwen website and forum are still under construction, but I have decided to stick with

because they can provide a forum, and a site which I think is gonna be awesome :D

I think I'm saying awesome too much.. XD maybe I should have used the slogan: "Bwen - apparently it's too awesome for canon" lol

anyway the site is not done yet, so many work to do, and I still need to build that fan listing :D
meanwhile check out these BxG fanarts! or just look at the slideshow found in the corner ;D

*yawn* I'm gonna sleep now.. I stayed up till morning ^^' and I don't even own the laptop I''m using so the time left for me to use it is very limited ^^'

Ben x Gwen Moments~

Post in the comments your Favorite Ben x Gwen moment :D or any moment you remember and then I'll edit this page and post it here for compilation and for use in the future Bwen site :D.

Ben x Gwen Website Project Outline

Ben x Gwen Website
(insert chosen tagline/slogan here)

Content Outline: